results top ResultsReputation is everything. Safarian & Baroian, LLP’s lawyers have an unsurpassed reputation for one reason: Results. We litigate each case as though it will be tried before a jury. We are thorough and tenacious. Our reputation for exceptional client representation allows us to deliver extremely favorable settlements early, often saving our clients signficant legal expenses. Our reputation with judges helps us deliver exceptional results in those cases that proceed to trial. Settlement or trial, we bring the utmost care and skill to each case. This helps us achieve exceptional results with unrivaled success and consistency.

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients and adversaries have to say about us. If that is not enough, scroll through the results below, which represent only a small percentage of the hundreds of cases we have successfully handled for clients over the years.

Trial Victory: Catastrophic Elevator Accident

Plaintiff alleged client, a property management company, failed to make necessary repairs to a condominium elevator, resulting in a serious elevator crash and major injuries to plaintiff. Plaintiff incurred over $2 million in medical expenses, including a liver transplant surgery. Plaintiff, represented by a prominent attorney who holds billions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, rejected a $5 million settlement offer. Result: Plaintiff recovered less than 1% of the $5 million settlement offer.

Trial Victory: Defense of Landlord in “Slumlord” Case

Defended a landlord and property management company in a lawsuit by tenants claiming serious emotional injuries, medical expenses, loss of earnings and related economic damages totaling $2,601,350. Plaintiffs alleged landlord allowed the building to become infested with drug dealers and gang members who constantly harassed plaintiffs, vandalizing their property and causing them serious physical and emotional injuries. Result: Judgment for the defense, plus recovery of costs.

Trial Victory: Subrogation Claim

Hired to defend one of the country’s largest general contractors in a wrongful death case. Decedent fell to his death when scaffolding on the ninth floor of a hotel under construction ripped away from the building. Result: The case settled for $4 million, of which client paid only $100,000. A subsequent subrogation action was initiated against one of the client’s subcontractors, recovering the $100,000 settlement payment, plus attorneys’ fees, for a total recovery of over $325,000.

Trial Victory: Declaratory Relief/Bad Faith Action

Represented a major insurance contractor whose insured paid $825,000 to settle a civil lawsuit. The insured demanded reimbursement from client for $825,000. The case went to trial. Result: Judgment for client.

Arbitration Victory: Assault and Battery

Plaintiff claimed serious and permanent personal injury and extensive hospitalization arising out of an alleged assault and battery by client. Result: Arbitration award in favor of client.

Judgment in Favor of Tree Contractor Following Demurrer

Hired by a statewide contractor to defend a multi-million dollar breach of contract/fraud action. Filed a successful demurrer challenging the complaint. Result: Judgment for client, plus the recovery of costs.

Judgment in Favor of Synagogue Following Demurrer

Hired by a Beverly Hills Synagogue to defend it in a breach of contract action. Filed a successful demurrer challenging the complaint. Result: Judgment for client, plus the recovery of costs.

Summary Judgment and Appellate Victory: Major Injury at Sports Club

Hired by a sports club to defend a slip and fall accident. Plaintiff alleged permanent disability and medical expenses of over $300,000. Plaintiff demanded over $1,000,000. Result: The trial court granted summary judgment motion. Plaintiff appealed. Client prevailed again at the Court of Appeal.

Settlement: Major Injury Case With Alleged Damages Over $20 million

Hired to defend a well-known South Bay restaurant that served numerous alcoholic beverages to a minor who became extremely intoxicated and collided into a SUV operated by a heart surgeon. At the time, the surgeon was on his way to perform an emergency heart procedure. The collision caused the SUV to rollover multiple times, ejecting the surgeon and causing him catastrophic injuries. The surgeon alleged the accident cut his career short, resulting in lost earnings over $10,000,000. The surgeon also sought medical expenses in excess of $300,000, and claimed damages for permanent erectile dysfunction, pain and suffering. The surgeon’s wife made a claim for loss of consortium. In all, plaintiffs claimed damages in excess of $20 million. A major law firm that holds that largest personal injury verdict in California history represented plaintiffs. Result: After prolonged litigation, plaintiffs accepted $500,000 in full and final settlement of their claims.

Settlement: After Commencement of Trial

Brought in as trial counsel at the last minute to defend a civil action for assault and battery. Plaintiff claimed permanent disability after suffering major injuries, and demanded over $500,000 in damages. The case proceeded to trial. After the second day of trial, plaintiff agreed to accept $15,000 in full and final settlement of the action.

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