results top ResultsReputation is everything. Safarian & Baroian, LLP’s lawyers have an unsurpassed reputation for one reason: Results. We litigate each case as though it will be tried before a jury. We are thorough and tenacious. Our reputation for exceptional client representation allows us to deliver extremely favorable settlements early, often saving our clients signficant legal expenses. Our reputation with judges helps us deliver exceptional results in those cases that proceed to trial. Settlement or trial, we bring the utmost care and skill to each case. This helps us achieve exceptional results with unrivaled success and consistency.

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients and adversaries have to say about us. If that is not enough, scroll through the results below, which represent only a small percentage of the hundreds of cases we have successfully handled for clients over the years.

Settlement: Wrongful Death Action

An altercation on opening day at Angel’s Stadium resulted in the death of a fan attending the game. Client was sued for wrongful death. After intensive litigation, it was established decedent was an aggressor, and was injured when another fan he was attacking acted in self-defense. Result: Case against client dismissed in exchange for a waiver of costs.

Trial Victory: Bicycle v. Pedestrian Accident

Represented a bicyclist alleged to have “run over” the plaintiff who suffered serious injuries. Plaintiff required multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation treatment, and sought damages for lost earnings. Plaintiff requested over $300,000 at trial. Result: Judgment for client, with the jury returning a unanimous 12-0 verdict in less than ten minutes (possibly the fastest jury verdict in Orange County history).

Trial Victory: Dispute Between Neighboring Property Owners

Defended the owner of a residential property sued for allowing water runoff onto a neighboring commercial property. Plaintiff alleged the water intrusion rendered the commercial property unusable, causing major property damage and loss of lease income exceeding $500,000. The case went to trial after plaintiff rejected a substantial settlement offer. Result: After over a year of intensive litigation and an extensive trial, plaintiff recovers $6,000—a small fraction of defendant’s last settlement offer.

Trial Victory: Defense of Landlord in Catastrophic Head/Face Injury to Tenant

Replaced another law firm on the eve of trial, defending a landlord in a lawsuit by a tenant who sustained major injuries to his head, face and teeth by an exploding swimming pool filter at an apartment building. The case went to trial with plaintiff demanding nearly $1 million in damages. Result: Judgment for landlord, plus recovery of costs.

Appellate Victory: Dismissal of Case Against Our Client

Represented major residential property owner sued by former tenant. We obtained a dismissal of the case at the trial court level based on plaintiff’s discovery misconduct. Plaintiff appealed. Appellate court affirmed decision in favor of our client.

$1,000,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Collision

Represented heirs of a 67 year-old plaintiff who had recently undergone a heart transplant and was dependent on insulin and dialysis. Numerous firms who refused to take the case, reasoning liability could not be established against the medical transport company driving plaintiff at the time of the incident, and because the case had very little value in light of decedent’s health and short life expectancy. Took the case on a contingency basis. Through extensive investigation and forensic expert analysis, established decedent was not properly secured in the van, which caused her to fall from her wheelchair and sustain life-ending injuries. Result: Defendant moved from its initial offer of $10,000, paying our clients its $1,000,000 insurance policy limit.

Settlement: Drowning Death for 1% of Original Settlement Demand

Mr. Safarian served on a team retained at the last minute to serve as trial counsel for a city sued for the drowning death of a 14 year-old who drowned in a public swimming pool. A prominent firm that holds numerous record-breaking trial verdicts represented plaintiffs. Decedent, a learning disabled girl participating in a summer camp, was reportedly left unattended by her camp counselor, and city lifeguards allegedly failed to observe decedent drowning. Result: Won a series of major pre-trial motions, at which time plaintiffs accepted a settlement for 1% of their original settlement demand to defendant.

CONSTRUCTION DEFECT SETTLEMENT: SB800 builder/developer resolution

Brokered resolution in excess of six figures for a low income community in Southern California through SB800.


Recovered 50% of total cost of construction back for client in a large commercial project plagued by numerous construction defects implicating various contractors.


Seven figure construction defect settlement obtained on behalf of client who purchased an eight figure luxury spec home wrought with various construction related issues. This was a complex construction defect lawsuit that included more than thirty defendants.

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