Settlement: Major Injury Case With Alleged Damages Over $20 million

Hired to defend a well-known South Bay restaurant that served numerous alcoholic beverages to a minor who became extremely intoxicated and collided into a SUV operated by a heart surgeon. At the time, the surgeon was on his way to perform an emergency heart procedure. The collision caused the SUV to rollover multiple times, ejecting the surgeon and causing him catastrophic injuries. The surgeon alleged the accident cut his career short, resulting in lost earnings over $10,000,000. The surgeon also sought medical expenses in excess of $300,000, and claimed damages for permanent erectile dysfunction, pain and suffering. The surgeon’s wife made a claim for loss of consortium. In all, plaintiffs claimed damages in excess of $20 million. A major law firm that holds that largest personal injury verdict in California history represented plaintiffs. Result: After prolonged litigation, plaintiffs accepted $500,000 in full and final settlement of their claims.

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